May 19, 2012

Battle for Equestria

Man, this is so freakin' awesome! Fluttershy as Dante from Devil May Cry, Rainbow Dash as Miss Marvel, Pinkie Pie as Deadpool, Twilight Sparkle as Ichigo from Bleach, Applejack as Ken from Street Fighter, and Rarity as Aphrodite from Knights of the Zodiac! Too bad it's only a picture, I'd love to see a comic about all of them fighting some great evil. Oh snap, that's right, it is a comic! CSImadmax started this story back in December 2010. After a long hiatus to work on other stuff, Max started working on "Battle For Equestria" again after the season finale. There is no excuse not to be following this. If there's one minor complaint, it's that there are a ton of references in this comic series. Half the time, I don't know who the character/quote/action is a parody of. It's kinda like Final Fantasy XIII: you have no idea what's going on, but the graphics sure are pretty! So, if you haven't already, start on the first comic, and don't stop until you've caught up!

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