May 5, 2012

The Avengers Review

So, after seeing the Avengers twice, I can say without a doubt that my fanboyism was quite satisfied.

Normally, I put a quick plot synopsis here, but from the trailers you can probably already tell, a huge alien invasion is coming and the only people who can stop it are the Avengers.

So as far the movie goes: incredible. 
One of my biggest fears was that one hero (probably Iron Man, not that there's anything wrong with him) would get singled out and be the main character whilst the others would simply sit in the background as secondary characters. My fears, however, were quickly put aside as The Avengers balances between all its characters evenly and nicely, no one here getting too much of the spotlight. Their interactions with each other were very well done, as well. I saw moments of tensions, of sincerity, of humor, all from each character while still retaining that character's essence. Tony Stark remained the joke cracking genius, Thor was always speaking in his "Ancient Warrior" voice, Captain America never broke out of the "true solider" mentality that he has. All these things really fit together making the characters come alive and seem real.

The Avengers also balanced it's genre nicely. The first half of the movie was mostly used to forward plot and set up for the big Alien invasion at the end. However, it did not go without action. There was plenty of fights mixed in as the Avengers got to know one another. Thor vs. Iron Man, Thor vs. The Hulk, Black Widow vs. Hawkeye. There was also humor aplenty, and not just from Tony Stark (though he was a big part). I laughed several times during the movie, and strangely enough the one who made me laugh hardest was The Hulk! Seriously, all these characters brought something to the table for me and made this into an excellent character driven story.

CGI, special effects, costumes, set pieces, all phenomenal and many leaving string in awe. When the Helicarrier first went up, I had to shut my mouth so as to not catch flies. Acting is what you'd expect from people like Samuel L. Jackson and Robert Downey Jr. However, the side characters, such as some of the SHIELD agents, were spot on (hearing Agent Coulson ask Captain America to sign his collection of trading cards really resonated with me since I would have done the same thing).

Overall, the Avengers was everything I wanted it to be. And while at times the score wasn't as super mega fantastically awesome as it could be (this like my first complaint), I still loved the heck out of this movie!!! (enough to go see it twice on opening night)



  1. Yeah, this movie was really enjoyable. I think that the first act was a little slow, although not enough to detract from the movie, but overall av very well put together movie. And yeah, the Hulk was awesome and most of the best jokes come from him.

  2. I'm so jelly. We can't go until we get over our colds. It's not nice to spread germs to a captive audience. I'm sure it's all Drom's fault making me go out in the cold for a pony photo shoot. Oh yeah that was my idea.

  3. Must... see this... SOON. *cough cough*

  4. Yeah, Hulk was my favorite character in this movie. I'm really glad they switched his actor to Mark Ruffalo, he did a fantastic job of portraying that "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" personality of Bruce Banner. As for LUNAtic and Drom, it may be best if you wait until the theaters aren't so full to see this, because the bathrooms are extremely crowded. My poor friend stepped in a puddle of urine. He was wearing flip flops.

    1. I'm assuming your friend is male and being that you people can pee standing up, I'm not surprised. I still feel sorry for him though. Being a nurse you really don't want to know the kind of stuff I've stepped in