Apr 6, 2012

Transformers Remote Controlled

Yep, Hasbro is releasing remote controlled Transformers. You can pre-order them from robotkingdom.com, either Bumblebee for $25 here, or a four-pack with three Bumblebees and one Knock Out for $90 here. It seems they plan on manufacturing Bumblebee in larger quantities. Gee, I wonder why... =P I'd rather have Knock Out, but that's just me. XD And sadly, there's no RC Arcee at all, lol.
Anyway, yes, they do transform. And while the transformations are extremely simple, I'm still rather impressed that this aspect is also remote controlled, and that they can move around while in robot mode. ...These look so ridiculous, but it would be hard to deny that I wouldn't enjoy driving a tiny Knock Out through my living room. XD

Also... Transformers: Prime crayons! Woohoo! =P
Can THESE transform too? XD

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