Apr 9, 2012

Top Ten Pony Videos for March 2012

1. Friendship is Witchcraft "Lunar Slander"
2. She reads all day
3. Doctor Whooves and Assistant
4. Daddy Discord
5. Twilightlicious
6. Discord music video - Filmed in my home town.
7. Message from Twilight
8. Amazing Pony
9. Dr. Adorkable
10. Pinkie breaks the forth wall
11. Star Wars Re-enacted
12. VDC day 3 animation - How am I only seeing this now!? The animation is excellent!
13. Game of Ponies
14. For 2$, it was totally worth it
15. Two best sisters play


  1. I think my favorite would be number 15. I'm not even going to talk about number 1... not even going to talk about it.

    1. Lol, number 1...

      My goodness, I can't decide on a favorite... I'm torn between #3 (because I love the original so much), #5 (because Tara Strong is awesome), #7 (also because Tara Strong is awesome), and #9 (because I love the song). And yes, #15 is great too. Two Best Friends Play is hilarious. XD

      Also, Eternocte, you just need to follow VDC more closely. GOSH! XD

  2. *puts on hipster glasses* I was a fan of Dr. Horrible BEFORE this video was made! I'm with Dusty, but I think #15 should have been #2 and #9 should have been #1 and the weeble wobble should have been the frazzle dazzle.

    Eternocte, you really need to check askthecrusaders out! He's also going to be the one animating the completely fan-made episode of MLP coming out this summer, since his art is identical to the show! This has been an episode of "The More You Know"~.