Apr 9, 2012

Super Best Friends Forever Short 2

So after the not so bright and sunny videos I posted, let's lighten the mood with some more SBFF.  Which by the by, my Fires of a Brony's Ambition video has hit a Snafu.  It wasn't really meant for a large scale audience, mainly a joke for you guys and the people who are used to my anti Eqd shenanigans.  Well something happened and it's getting a lot more pageviews way faster than any of our normal videos, plus I'm getting lots of comments from people I've never seen before, ie not our usual guys.  I have no idea what's going on and I think I better go into hiding because Sethisto's fans are going to be calling for my blood.  Guys... I'm scared.

(Dusty suddenly goes quiet, a slight trickle of blood runs down the corner of his mouth, a shadowy figure wearing a purple Trixie hat smiling quietly behind him.)


  1. The loss of Dusty, leader of the great OIM uprising, is certainly a blow to our cause. Yet, we mustn't despair over his tragic demise but instead embrace his ultimate sacrifice and build upon the foundation he laid with an even mightier hand!

    Allow me to be crystal clear: I studied for months under our former master, thus I am equipped to lead you. I, Dusty's true heir, Lord Eternocte, Emperor of Friendship!

    1. "Not today Eternocte!" Dun dun duuunnnn! Half robot, half clone Dusty 2.0 appears, silhouetted against the horizon.

    2. My OIM headcanon:
      Eternoctescream: "Megadusty has fallen! I am your new leader!"
      Megadusty: "You fool! I still function!" *blasts Eternoctescream with his ion cannon*

    3. Aww, and I had my evil cape and goggles ready. How the hell am I supposed to compete with a cyborg?! Er, I mean, I knew all along that master was alive and I would never think of betraying him to take the throne hahaha please don't kill me.

      Sadly, Eternoctescream was ruler for less than 10 minutes. However, his name would forever be in the Guinness World Records for Shortest Time As A King.