Apr 30, 2012

Pony Pics 79

I really don't like Chrysalis's crown for some reason.  I love her design, except for that one screaming flaw.  Anyone else feel this way or is it just me?

I imagine that green fire trick goes over well at parties.

Pinkie needs to upgrade from that old party cannon to an intercontinental ballistic party.

I guess I don't really need to sleep tonight. 

Quick!  Cadence!  She's right there.  Just turn around and attack her.

You do realize that now even the most wildest shippings can be "plausible" because of the changelings?

Oh, I can't wait to join the labor force.

Braggart.  That's the word.

This is a metaphor for lesbian sex.  The drills are obviously meant to represent dildos.  
Wow, that Twilight impression is dead on.

Run, those musical notes are attacking you!

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I'm oddly hungry now.

I doubt they get many tourists in the Changeling wasteland.  Just a feeling.


  1. I have no problem with Chrysalis' weird little crown. It doesn't really clash or anything...

    If I say that I want a changeling of my own... I know that statement will be taken in very wrong ways...

    Dat last pic... Chrysalis and her changelings totally remind me of Xenomorphs there... Congratulations Dusty, you've made me think about Prometheus even more, lol.

  2. There needs to be a Guitar Hero/Rock Band mod that let's you play as Lyra!

    I agree, changelings bring a whole new danger to Equestria. Thank goodness I'm good at picking out disguised spies in TF2.

    I think that, if you work at some kind of fast food place, you need to write "Lord of Dust" on the name tag.