Apr 26, 2012

Pony Pics 78

As fine a piece on the human condition if I ever saw one.  Now on to the Pony Pics!

You know how I usually pervert stuff (e.g. I would make a rape joke here), but sometimes even a heart as cold and hard as mine just steps back and says "No, I cannot do that".  Go ahead and mark it on your calendars because this is probably the only time I'll admit to doing that.

A better scene in the finale would have been real Cadence charging in and goring fake Cadence to death with her horn.  I believe it would have been much more cinematic that way.

More Cadence drooling.  Probably 1/3 of her fan art has her tongue lolling out or her salivating.  Why is that?

I like Shining Armor's idea better.

What did I just say about spit and tongue lolling?!

We need a spin off mini series: The Rise of the Changeling Queen.  It could chronicle her rise to power and whatnot.  Some of you Bronies need to get to work on animating that.

It's a good thing that Cadence has Shining Armor, because the internet only has eyes for Chrysalis.

What if one of the main six were actually a changeling in disguise this entire time?  Like the real Fluttershy has been gone for years and the fake Fluttershy has been living off of the other main 6's lover for her.  Fanfic time?  Fanfic time.

I'm not even going to pretend like I remember what that cake was called.

Sometimes I cry at night because I know an Invader Zim/ My Little Pony crossover series will never actually happen.

Plus 5 Dusty points to the first person to guess where this is from. (I'm curious as to see if anyone else has seen this series) Hint, I use to make references to this show a lot.

Pixelkitties says she doesn't like "Cupcakes", but as we all know, a woman never says what she actually means.  So in actuality, whenever she says "Keep that fanfic away from me!!!!!!!", what she really means is that she wants to read it again and again.

This is what happens when you swallow a glow stick.

Silly Lyra, that rocks way to big to be a proper dildo.

I still hate you pip.

I haven't blamed Dromaeosaur for anything today, so I'll use this as the perfect segway to blame him for there no longer being Surge and Vanilla Pepsi/Coke.  Every day I have to fight back an insatiable need for the magical citrus flavor of Surge and the orgasmic bliss of a vanilla cola.  I would probably sacrifice both of my legs for a Vanilla Coke right about now.  Why is it that all the good things in life are taken away from us? (Sheds single manly tear.)


  1. Lets see. The reference is to Panty and Stocking (which I still need to watch).
    If everything Pixelkittes says is opposite of what she means, does that mean she hates OIM?
    I still love Pip. Maybe its just the British accent... of course it could be Luna's ass in that picture, I don't know.
    Dro is obviously to blame for the lack of Surge and Vanilla Pepsi/Coke. I mean this is the same guy who we blame global warming and nuclear winter on. Its obviously his fault!

  2. Wow, these are some of the best pics I've seen in awhile! I need to ask Celestia how she keeps her great figure despite eating all that cake.

    Don't crucify me if I'm wrong, but I think it's a reference to Panty and Stocking.(I swear I didn't read Galvin's comment)

    And I'm going to add "the discontinuing of Altoids sours", Rebecca Black, and "death by vending machine" to the list of things to blame on Drom. Sorry buddy, but I'm getting in my licks now cuz I just know it's going to be my turn next week. XD

  3. Thought it was Panty and Stocking, but it's been so long since I watched it, I wasn't sure.