Apr 23, 2012

Pony Pics 77

I bet you thought I was going to put a Chrysalis pic here didn't you?

Since the finale gave us a new villain, and a pretty cool looking one at that, I'm not too surprised that Chrysalis has gotten a fair amount of fanart.  What I wasn't expecting was for there to be around 300 billion pics of her in only a couple of days.  This post alone has like 50 pics of nothing more than a head shot of her.  How the heck am I supposed to come up with blazing, original, witty, hilarious comments on pics that are essentially the same thing over and over?  My sanity may not last through this Pony Pics. (God knows how long later) Okay, I did it, but things went dildo jokes really fast, so hurray for the return of ultimate pervert Dusty, I guess.  I tried, but I can't escape my inner pervert.  Embrace who you truly are and all that jazz.

Also, I just want to point out that I've seen Chrysalis getting paired with Discord a lot, but barely any of her getting with Nightmare Moon.  Why?!?!?!  By next Pony Pics y'all artists have better start shipping NM and CQ (changeling queen, I demand that you all start using CQ from this point on) together!

I'm going to post the non Chrysalis stuff first, then just lump all of her fan art together.
I'm glad to see I wasn't the only person who thought of this.  Also, Lyra showed up in the background like 50 times in this episode, so she must have some clones or evil twins.

I kid you not, for a brief second I thought she was holding a tampon.  .... I think I need to be getting more sleep.

Cadence has just been blown out of the water by Chrysalis.  Overshadowed on her wedding day, so sad.

Oh Luna, you were completely useless when Equestria actually needed you.  You could have, oh I don't know, redeemed yourself for that whole "eternal night" incident, but no.  You were nowhere to be seen.

One day, centuries from now, people will actually stop drawing Trixie fan art.  Boggles the mind, don't it?

And the obligatory Iopichio pic.

This is more of that Touhou stuff.  Dromaeosaur almost put a hit out on me last time I got that wrong.

Boom! Head shot.

Oh Dead Space, you and your "necromorph pop out of no where and almost scare the pee out of me" goodness.

You ever smack yourself for not thinking of something, but when someone points it out it's just completely obvious?  This was one of those time.

And then Snails tripped over his own hooves and fell off the cliff, going to a painful and well deserved demise.

Now, for the onslaught of the Changeling queen!

"Green giant ho ho ho."  I felt compelled to type that.  Why, I have no idea.  Even I don't understand the inner workings of my mind.

This is a little more bubbly than I remember the episode being.

New wallpaper?  New wallpaper.

(Since Dromaeosaur pointed out that I need to pick up the sex joke pace.)  See all those black things jutting out in the background?  I guess even Changeling dildos are riddled with holes.  Speaking of which, I bet Chrysalis is, like, a super whore.  She has, like, 20 holes, so just imagine the orgies.  She'd probably be crushed to death under the weight of all those lovers.  (I hope you're happy Dromaeosaur, I hope you're happy.)

I'm still too busy imagining an army of penises/strap-ons/dildos just avalanching onto Chrysalis top to even think of a comment for this one.

I want a fanfic where Discords a pimp and Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon are his Hoes.

I always love head shots because then I can imagine all the naughty things going on down below. 

You know how in a lot of erotic fan art they have the ponies screwing each other with their horns?  I pity the fool who has to pair up with Chrysalis.

I'll just point y'all back to the "naughtiness down below" comment.

I wonder what would have happened if they had actually gotten to the Elements of Harmony.  Would she have been turned to stone, had the evil purged out of her (ie. Nightmare Moon back to Luna), or some random third thing?

Well, I was going to masturbate to this, but seeing as how she has two horns now it completely ruins the mood.

Wait, she has her tongue lolling out.  You can probably guess why I think she's doing that.

Uhhh... I guess those arms on her back could be used to rape ponies or something.  After skimping on the sex jokes the past couple of Pony Pics, I've sort of unleashed the flood gates again with this one.

Fear the fires of her vagina! 

Bed room eyes.  She's totally horny in this pic.

Now that I think about it, how can you have holes in your hair?  That doesn't make any sense.  ... oh right.... um... look at dat curvy ass.  Dayum!

 She's panting because just out of shot she's sitting on a vibrator.  By the by, that was also the answer to the Iopichio one a couple of pics back.  Now I've ruined it by not letting y'all use your imaginations.

I have no idea how to even begin to comment on any of Tyrranux comics.  I just don't even think my puny little brain could even begin to fathom it.


  1. It seemed to me that in the episode, Cadence pulled that bouquet out of her ass...

    I absolutely forgot about Luna, but I have a feeling she was sleeping the entire time. And I kinda just thought Spike appointed himself in charge of the bachelor party, you know, so he wouldn't feel left out in another finale.

    Dustyworld + tongue lolling out = she's just doing a Gene Simmons impression. Period.

    Chrysalis' vagina flamethrower > Astro Boy's butt rockets

    Chrysalis' favorite food: Swiss cheese

    *stares meaningfully at Dromaeosaur*

  2. That's it, I need to get this out of the way right now: The finale may very well have been my favorite two episodes of the entire series. Also, I frakkin' love Chrysalis, her powers, her ghostly insect-like appearance, and most of all... her EYES. I love those eyes. Plus, she's super adorable. I mean, all she really wants is love, literally. XD

    Touhou, you'd best remember it! XD Also, I think that pic would imply that Applejack is a boozer (see Suika Ibuki), lol.

    New wallpaper? You mean MY new wallpaper!

    Yeah, sure, try and make it seem like I'M the pervy one now. Not gonna happen... Though, I HAVE already seen fan art with one of those holes being used for that purpose... Mind you, I wish I could UNSEE it, but that's not going to happen either, now is it?...

    The Elements of Harmony would have likely turned her to stone. They couldn't have purged the evil out of her because she's not evil. Sure, she's sadistic, but that's in her nature. She was just trying to provide food for her subjects. Same with Discord, they couldn't make him "good" because his mischievousness is simply who he is... That's my theory and I'm stickin' with it.

    Yes, Chameleon, Gene Simmons impression, I agree.

    LOL, "Insecticon"... And stop staring at me, Chameleon!