Apr 19, 2012

Pony Pics 76

We've got an incredibly short Pony Pics today.  Oh well, I'm sure there will be a boom of images after the finale hits over the weekend.
Doctor Who crossed over with the Mad Hatter crossed over with My Little Pony.  Makes perfect sense.

Sure they look pretty, but I doubt she'll get much lift out of them.

I really, really hope they give her a good explanation as to where she's been and how she's an alicorn and whatnot.  What we'll probably get.  "Oh hi, I'm Princess Cadence, deal with it."

 Honestly, I've never quite understood the appeal of tongue piercings.  It would get in the way of properly experiencing food and all that jazz, but too each his own I suppose.

 Readable size link.
If you want this in, oh I don't know, a readable size, then go to this link

"Friendship restriction level 0"

When in doubt, poke it with a stick.


  1. Oh Fluttershy, you know you shouldn't have to ask a silly question like that.

    An excellent story, now I would like to know where Alicorns come from.

    Rainbow Dash seems more like Alucard, but I love the way Fluttershy wears those classes. Fluttershy could be the "police girl" though. *realization* that would actually work perfectly, idea for crossover fanfiction!!!

    One does not poke unknown objects with sticks you beat them into a pool of blood. Unless they're that ADORABLE!!!! Hey wait... that's not a muffin!!!!!!

  2. Lol, that's Discord Whooves! What fun is there in making sense? XD

    Rarity's wings are making me think of Touhou again... Cirno invades Equestria, lol.

    I completely agree with the thing about tongue piercings... Yuck...

    Yes, Galvin, where DO Alicorns come from?... Time for that puppet show! *shot*

    The bird of Hermes is my name...

    Oh no... this pony pic post didn't really have any sex jokes! Dusty! Are you okay? Pull yourself together, man!

  3. Yay Discord Whooves!

    That is the best explanation of the sun and weather in Equestria I've ever heard!