Apr 12, 2012

Pony Pics 74

I know that feeling mouse, I know that feeling.

And then Soarin' burst through the back wall.

 Because you can never have too much Batman.
Wow, I had almost forgot about this art style, must be going senile in my old age.

More humanized episodes from Glancojusticar.... what more can I say?

But who will be Professor Moriarty?

Luna's sad because she was only in one episode so far this season.

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This is totally pony related.  Yup, I'm absolutely legitimized in posting it here.

If only Applejack would try doing something interesting in an episode.

So Twilight, why so blue?  

Want a huge picture book about Scootaloo? Then go read it here.

Two spicy pics farther down

So, how about that weather?

My what nice.... eyes you have.


  1. Cheer up, Dusty! We're here for you! =)
    Also, Pokemon is a terrible influence on impressionable youths. Lol.

    Agreed, Batman is in short supply here.

    Duh, Moriarty would be Trixie...

    I totally lost it at "growlmumble sweet nothings in your ear". XD

    A full picture book... that was awesome! Also, I really do hope Scootaloo gets her own episode eventually.

  2. I remember once playing Pokemon and using Rain Dance when, at the same time, it started raining. My little child brain was blown. XD

    I remember hearing Tara Strong say that she sometimes hears voices in her head. I can't imagine what having Batgirl in her head must feel like.

    Holy crap, I'm gonna read that picture book to my children!

  3. "This is totally pony related. Yup, I'm absolutely legitimized in posting it here."

    Justified by Tara Strong being Batgirl. There ya go.