Apr 7, 2012

Pony Music #118

Remixes of Friendship is Witchcraft songs are always awesome. Still, I don't think it can beat this.

I still find it wonderfully weird that people are rapping about My Little sodding Pony.

Absolutely amazing. Tsyolin needs to do this kind of thing more often and after Glaze's reaction maybe he will.

"Oh my good golly gosh this is so bloody fantastic <3" - Glaze


  1. I would show off my music radar more often if it didn't look like an alien growing in my skin.

    1. I find this comment a bit disturbing...

      Also, I'm starting to feel that I don't even need to comment on the music posts anymore, because all I ever say is "That's awesome." That's frakkin' awesome." "That's wicked." XD