Apr 4, 2012

Pony Music #116

I'm a bit late posting this one. Incidentally, the "Hurricane Fluttershy" episode had one of the most important lessons for me to learn.

Voodoopony has another album on the way although it's "at least a month" away. The edges of many seats shall be worn down until the release.

Luna, Celestia and Nightmare Moon drawn that way really creep me out. To my nightmares they go! At least now my nightmares will have an epic soundtrack.


  1. I think I outmatch you in the laziness department. And yeah, now that I'm used to G4, ponies drawn any other way kinda creep me out too.

  2. I'm with you guys on the drawn ponies thing. All equines form now on should only be drawn in FIM style.

  3. *Sees comments about that art style. Too busy listening to that awesome music to care.*