Apr 1, 2012

Pony Music #114 (legit this time)

General Mumble, still avoiding sleep.

So, Twenty Ten is finally here. The band comprising of, I kid you not, iBringDaLULZ, Mic the Mic, Wooden Toaster and The Living Tombstone. ASDFDSFGHJGKH.

"lol" indeed.

Here's a question: why is it that relatively untalented people like Lil' Wayne (occasional clever wordplay aside) and Lil' Jon are famous millionaires while Mic, LULZ and a whole lot of other brony (and non-brony) artists are know by only a handful of people on the internet?


  1. I'm really happy to hear a track from Twenty Ten. This stuff is great.

    As for fame among brony musicians... Sure, they're not making the big bucks, but I'd certainly say these guys have more than "a handful" of fans. I agree that they should get even more recognition, and that internet fame isn't quite the same as IRL fame, but they do have plenty of people who love their work.

  2. ASDFDSFGHJGKH to you, too. That is the greatest line-up of artists I've ever seen in the brony community ever! And it doesn't help that the only major press we're getting in America is silly old Fox News.