Apr 7, 2012

Mr. Poninator: Heartboken Confidential

Here's you weekly dose of Mr. Poniator.

My comments: Crakles is awesome, SEA PONIES, and I'm not sure who Diamond Tiara is.
Also a thought, shouldn't Lyra be a narwhal? They are the unicorns of the sea after all.


  1. Weird... it seems I can't pull up my plushie post to comment there. Let me just put it this way, we have a small plan that I don't think I can reveal to you right now. ;)

    Anyway, this MrPoniator animation was hilarious. XD Diamond Tiara was Light Yagami from Death Note. ...And Galvin, I have to ask, what is it with you and mrweebl? Lol.

    1. That's what I thought, but I wasn't sure as its been a while since I've seen Death Note. Also, I have no idea what it is with me and mrweebl, since I have no idea who he is.

    2. I find it extremely hard to believe that you've never heard of mrweebl. He's the guy who made the "Narwhals" song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykwqXuMPsoc