Apr 11, 2012

More aftermath

Here's a video I did filming the locations I used, showing once and for all that it was not a forest fire, but a small, controlled burn.  Again, I'm not angry with everyone, just the trolls.

I hit rock bottom yesterday, and did something I thought I'd never do.  I sent an email to Equestria Daily, asking them to send some of there followers to spread some love and tolerance over on the channel, and I basically promised them reconciliation and peace if they would give us this mercy in my time of need.  They responded with this. "This guy needs to be locked up. I'm sorry, we are not supporting it."  I guess our sites holding hands and singing kumbaya is out of the question now.

And finally we have a guy so obsessed with me that he feels the need to portray me in his own video, hoping that some of my original amazingness will rub off on him.  Or he's just making fun of me.


  1. OMG, I was laughing so hard for the first several seconds of that video. XD I really liked the sarcasm, but I feel you could have toned down the swearing a bit... Also, you totally need to grow a beard now. Then you can actually be Captain Neckbeard. XD

    Anyway... I honestly can't blame EQD for their decision to avoid getting involved. But saying that you "need to be locked up" was completely uncalled for... This is probably the first time EQD has actually upset me a bit... Oh well, just try not to make things any worse. They may hate us, but we don't have to hate them. We should just take this opportunity to be the civilized ones here.

    And wow, that response video was actually pretty entertaining. Lol.

  2. Great follow up video, Dusty! I think you handled the situation a lot better than I did, I just went and raged on them all. The cursing probably wasn't needed, but sometimes you have to speak the language of the trolls to get the point through their thick skulls.

    Fun fact: I discovered OIM and EqD at the same time. Guess which one was a lot nicer to me? Not saying that their site were jerks to me either, but when I tried to send them emails about things I found, I got the "already have it" answer, when in reality they never even posted about it. So yeah, I'm not surprised EqD said that.

    And I guarantee Dusty is now going to become a meme.

  3. Burning is used to clear the underbrush and derbies like pine needles. It also returns nutrients to the ground that facilitate new growth that in turn feeds the animal population. I've participated in burns myself and we always have safety measures set up. The ridiculousness of people who would jump to conclusions and insult you is sickening. However, you have shown a commendable response to the vile, putrid, and rancorous ad hominem attacks against your character. Good on you my friend.

  4. Yeah, I may have been a bit foul mouthed, but to be fair I was a might riled up the time.

    Citruspeppercorn, I'm glad I'm not the only one who understands what a controlled burning is.

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