Apr 5, 2012

Hub Saturday Lineup for 4/7

I love this channel so much.
So, I guess this is a weekly thing now. Check out what this weekend on the Hub has in store for us after the break.

The description says "The Aquabats have to banish a ghost from the BattleTram after MC Bat Commander steals a burrito from the cemetery"... He... from a cemetery?... WUT... I can't wait to see this for myself.

So, not sure if you guys know this, but I kinda have a thing for dinosaurs. XD I don't think it's quite as bad as Dusty's thing for trains, but still, I'm REALLY excited for this episode. Even if the dinosaur somehow turns out to be a fake or something...

I'm STILL trying to recover from last week's episode of Prime... Maybe it was an April Fools' joke? Yeah, that's it... *sobs* I hate Airachnid so much...
Anyway, this week's episode is set to feature Nemesis Prime. That's right, Optimus' evil clone is going to show up in Prime. This is gonna be good.


  1. Well Dro you'll be happy to know I watched Transformers Prime. And by watched it I mean I watched all of it. Every episode. So yes I enjoyed it.
    I'll also take this opportunity to tell you that Starscream is cool but he's not my favorite villain, neither is Megatron... it's Soundwave.
    Actually Soundwave isn't my favorite villain...he's my favorite character.
    If everyone else died and it was just him left taking over earth, I still watch the show. I don't know what it is about him: the facelessness, the fact he never speaks, his ability to take Arachnid without moving his stance, or just his ability to see and hear everything. I think I love this dude almost as much as you love Starscream.

    1. Reading this brought such a huge smile to my face. =D
      And yes, I have to agree that Soundwave is one of the most awesome characters on the show. He's always so calm and collected, the epitome of the "strong and silent" type. And his fight with Airachnid, if you could even call that ridiculously one-sided display a fight, had me cheering when I first saw it. But yeah, I'm stickin' with Scream as my absolute fave. XD

    2. Having just finished the first season, literally ten minutes ago, I'd have to say I agree with Galvin about Soundwave being the best villain. Definitely not best character, but the best villain. Strong, silent and, from what I've seen up to now, viciously loyal.

      Incidentally, after what you said in this post I'm now itching to catch up with season two. Although, I'm not really sure I need yet another reason to hate Airachnid.

    3. Hooray! I shall convert everyone to Transformers fans! XD Hmm... if you call becoming an MLP fan "joining the herd" what could you call becoming a Transformers fan?... Well, I guess you could swap "coming out of the stable" for "coming out of the garage"... I dunno, lol.

      Yeah, Soundwave has always been the most loyal to Megatron, ever since G1. And yes, season 2 has been pretty interesting so far... And despite my complaints about one particular slap to the face from the last episode... it was probably the best episode this season.

    4. I would just assume if you were to say welcome to the herd it could be translated as "welcome to Team Prime" as (if I am remembering correctly) that is what they refer to the group as. Correct me if I'm wrong Dro.

    5. Yeah, that's right, the Autobots do call their group Team Prime... I like both of those suggestions though. "Welcome to the convoy" sounds kinda neat. XD

  2. Ponies and Transformers: the only two times it's okay to give into peer pressure. Welp, I know what I'm going to be catching up to this weekend.

  3. So I'm now the only one who hasn't joined the convoy. I'll have to give it a shot some time.