Apr 8, 2012

Ask Pony - Ask Troll Rai-pony

I mentioned her before, and I'm going to mention her again: This week's must-see Ask Pony Tumblr goes to Troll Rai-pony! If you didn't see my last post about her, TRP is a spin-off of a drawing Rai made calling Surprise fat. Now, a mysterious anon has taken Rai's small joke to the next level: by making an entire Ask Blog that's dedicated to calling people fat! So, why should you check this Tumblr out?

-Obviously, it's hilarious

-If you aren't fat (unlike myself), then you're definitely going to feel better about yourself

-And if you can't get enough of it, don't worry! She has more than one blog of outrageous insults

As you can see, nothing is safe from being insulted by this dastardly pony.


  1. Lol ur fat. I'm not sure exactly why but I really like this ask site.

  2. Fuck you, Fatman is way cooler than you fokes.