Apr 1, 2012

Ask Pony - Ask Equestria

Y U No make bigger logo?!

This week's Ask Pony is Ask Equestria! It's actually not just one, but many Tumblr artists working together on one Tumblr! Probably the most well-known artist over there is Dr. Adorable, but there are plenty of hilarious shenanigans and great artwork by the other artists. This Ask Pony is special because of its:

-Many diverse art styles and senses of humor
-Awesome references to awesome things
-With so many artists working together, you're almost guaranteed to get your question answered!

Everything from colored...

...to good ol' pencil and paper.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, how have I not heard of this one before? This stuff is great! I lol'd quite heartily at the rubber piggy from Invader Zim. XD