Apr 2, 2012

4/2 Tumblr News

-Insert Dusty joke here-

Lots and lots of updates from the Tumblrverse this time around!

First of all, two new episodes from Ask The Tumblr Ponies, the first one with Dream of Ask Filly Twilight and Ask Original Twilight, and the second with Willdrawforfood1 of Ask Surprise.

Episode 6

Episode 7

Ask The Spa Ponies, after being on a 3-month long hiatus, is back!

Someone is impersonating Rai (a.k.a. phantomdarklover), artist behind the heart-attack-inducingly cute mlcblobs. There is now a series of Tumblrs of someone named Troll Raipony, who goes around calling people fat. Or at least I think it's an impersonator, as evidenced by this post. Or maybe it's not supposed to be an impersonation. Agh, it's so hard to tell, their art styles are both too cute to tell the difference between them. Anyway, it's actually pretty hilarious, so you should check it out. I guarantee this becomes the new big Tumblr craze, not seen since the Rainblobs invaded.

First Surprise. Then Chameleon. Then Gabriel Iglesias. Then THE WORLD.

Also, something I've been meaning to talk about for awhile. Ask Nightflower (do NOT click that link or any of the following links. Unless you're Dusty.) had the idea to make a collaboration pic that will feature every single Tumblr artist (or at least everyone willing to cooperate). The due date to sign up for this is April 10th, so if you are a Tumblr artist who had not heard of this yet, hurry up! I also noticed pixelkitties liked this idea because I am not a stalker.

And finally, a site selling pony badges, two bucks apiece. They don't have many in stock yet, since it's still fairly new, but keep tabs on it in the future!


  1. Links only for Dusty, huh?

    Disregard Chameleon, acquire pornography.

  2. Lol, Gabriel Iglesias. That guy is great. XD

    Don't click, eh? How bad can it be? *clicks open new tab* ... Oh... *closes aforementioned tab*

  3. -insert Dusty joke here-? What that image looks perfectly harmless. ;)

    I think I enjoyed that Lol ur fat tumbler a bit too much.

    Those Dusty only links were.... nice.

    And Chameleon. If I see you making a move for my Pixelkitties, I will hunt you down. She. Is. Mine. (Glares dramatically at screen)

  4. Um... I have to bring up Gabriel Iglesias again...
    Chameleon, do you have superpowers? You mention Gabriel, and now he shows up on today's episode of Epic Meal Time! XD

    1. My psychic abilities come in spurts. I also have the power to remember most of the script from every movie I see. But unless you can name a job where that would come in handy, I think it's a pretty useless superpower...