Apr 6, 2012

33 Avenue Miquelon interview Tabitha St. Germain

A fashion blog called, you guessed it, 33 Avenue Miquelon recently posted an interview with Tabitha St. Germain, the woman who voices Rarity, Luna, Granny Smith, Mrs Cake, Derpy Hooves and Zecora. The interview is a pretty good read and 33 Avenue Miquelon is confirmed for being awesome after they made Rarity their mascot. Not that Rarity can hold a candle to Maneia.

Check out the interview here!


  1. Fashion? E gads! I'm so out of my element right now... XD But yeah, that interview was really entertaining.

  2. Bonjour ! First of all, thank you for giving my interview with Mlle St. Germain a shout-out! It was truly a pleasure to have bestowed this apparent "rarity" upon the Ponysphere, as it were.

    One slight error though: Within the post itself, the "33" in 33 avenue Miquelon appears to be missing; it's the international dialing code for France, as well as my age until late September of 2012, FYI. :)

    Again, thank you for the shout! All the best.

    1. Fixed. Thanks for letting me know!