Apr 3, 2012

0x10(to the power of)c

The glorious proclaimed Brony who made himself famous in the Brony charity and for that one game he made (Minecraft I think it was) has announced his newest game: 0x10c
You can visit the offical website but I'd rather talk about it here.
0x10c is a space game. Set far in the future 0x10c is said to contain "Hard Science Fiction, Engineering, Random Encounters, Mining trading and looting," and best of all, "DUCT TAPE"!!!
Right now it's still early in development, so head on over to that offical website and check it out.


  1. A new game from Notch!? And it's going to be sci-fi!? SWEEEET!!
    Also, does anyone else here play Minecraft? I haven't had much time for it lately, but I'd love to do some multiplayer sometime.

    1. Sadly without internet I haven't had a chance to play it. :(

    2. You. Me. Minecraft. NOW. XD

    3. I might only be able to play on cracked servers. *hangs head in shame*

    4. I'm sorry, Dusty. Maybe it's better that you're safe from the addictive nature of it though. It's not quite as bad a drug as ponies, but it still finds a way to eat up a lot of time.

      And yes, Chameleon, I'll have to set something up...

      As for you, Eternocte, you have no excuse not owning Minecraft! XD