Mar 27, 2012

Who let the CMC in here?

Here's a clip from the season finale and the thing that struck me the most was why the heck are the CMC flower girls?  Even if they don't accidently ruin the wedding, I don't even understand why they're there in the first place.

Plus have this upcoming billboard.  
I know this is parodying the actual royal wedding they had a while back, but what it makes me think of is old black women going to church.  It's one of the universal truths, black grandma's love their Sunday hats more than life itself.


  1. This is quite the production... I LOVE it! XD

    Anyway, the CMC are simply there because the fans want to see everypony present and accounted for. Remember when they made it to Canterlot for the Hearth's Warming Eve play? Also, that billboard is pure comedic gold. XD

  2. DERPY!!!!

    And I can't imagine what Rainbow Dash had to do to persuade Scoots to wear a dress.

    1. I can and it involves a lot of pedophilia.

  3. From just that 5 seconds we see her move, I already adore Cadence.