Mar 26, 2012

Well I guess I am hot stuff after all

Why do you come to OIM?
I like the Pony Pics. Dust is hilarious and has great taste in artwork. 12 (92%)
The game and movie reviews. I always like to know what's worth my time and money. 5 (38%)
The pony music. Love listening to Eternocte's selection. 8 (61%)
The pony memes. Always gives a great laugh. 8 (61%)
I like the non-pony news and videos. 8 (61%)
I keep coming back because Dusty tells me to...and he scares me. 8 (61%)

I didn't want to run this poll becasue we're a team and this would sort of make it look like we're competing against each other and end up in someone getting their feelings hurt, (glares at Galvin) but it looks like we now know what I've always said, I am awesome.

Since it seems a lot of people went absolutely bananas over Hurricane Fluttershy, while I only thought it was okay, I'm curious as to y'alls opinion..... and by curious I mean you better agree with me or there will be Hell to pay.
10/10 It was better than an orgasm.
9/10 I thought it was amazingly good
8/10 Honestly it had Fluttershy so I'm happy
7/10 It needs to be about 20% cooler
6/10 Well it was better than surgery.
5 - 0/10 This was Equestria Daily level awful.


  1. Well written and well thought out reviews - 5 votes

    Copy pasted embed code and a few lines of mindless babel - 8 votes


  2. Aw thanks eternocte! That means a lot to me. I do what I can but for the most part my post are nonpony related. I guess that makes me the least viewed. *quietly sobs in corner over sudden revelation*

    In all seriousness I did this poll for the viewers. We now know that viewers love the pony pics. Dusty you must make more pony pics. More! MORE!!! The competition thing never struck me as I know we all love and tolerate each other.
    And Dusty tells us who the most important is anyway.

  3. I agree with Eternocte. You're the one who most often puts the most thought into your posts, Galvin. The rest of us usually just throw something up and write a short blurb. So yeah, more power to Galvin!

    But of course, we all know Dusty is the MOST important. Who was it that decided to get this site off the ground and has done the most to keep it running? Yeah. *salutes Dusty*

  4. Well, that makes three of us who think Galvin works the hardest and Dusty is all powerful. Hell, I didn't even vote for the pony memes, since I'm so inconsistent with them. I'm surprised I actually got that many votes.