Mar 23, 2012

Ponyville Nightly's call to arms! And where I'm at.

Hey guys, it's me blogging in a hotel room in Phoenix, Arizona. What am I doing here? That's my business! God, you think I'm going to tell you guys everything?! And no, I'm not on a secret quest to destroy Sethisto and Equestia Daily. Dust would never tap into the American government, steal tax dollars, and fund a quest for the sole purpose of bringing down EqD. Anyway, this is my way of letting you that my blogging might be taking a step back and I won't be in this week's episode review. Also, I'm not, repeat, not staring down the scope of an experiment weapon waiting for Seth to open his curtains.

Anyway, the real reason I'm posting this is because we got an email in our submit inbox! This annulment comes from one of our earliest affiliates, Ponyville Nightly.

"Hey there, readers! Remember me? No? Well, I made a blog several weeks back called Ponyville Nightly. I reviewed things. And that wa sall fine, even got the setup with the wonderful folks here at OiM. But I got a little distracted as of late when a side project flew off the handle and into the realm of 'Oh, shit, look at the time! I'm late for my own competition!'. I've gotten in touch with entire groups of cool people, ranging from Mic the Microphone to Ask the Crusaders, and I'm working with Fisherpon on a weekly basis. Basically, my schedule is whack and disorderly. But with all this wackiness comes a clarity. I can see how the chain of command on Tumblr works, and this project is definitely challenging the chain of command. Where before you relied on the greater artists to put your name out there, I've given any artist a chance to get out there and shout, 'My art is great and I feel good about it!'. I've had players gain hundreds of followers after joining the VDC, and I've gotten more than a few heartfelt letters from players saying that they were glad to participate. Here's where you come in.

I'm hiring judges for the events, and we need well-spoken viewers to help out. We need to have judges and backup judges, because on Day 2 two out of three of our panel was incapacitated (one hit by a car, the other by the flu). You'll get the opportunity to talk to big name stars and (given a good mic quality) you'll be able to join our interviews on the streams. I hope some of you line up, because the spot is practically wide open.

My contact is 'chemiisan' on Skype and if you prefer email better. Thanks!"

There you have it. By the way if this post is messed up for any reason, it's my phone, and I'm calling on one of my fellow bloggers to fix it. Also, it lacks a cool picture. Somepony get on that!!!


  1. God my spelling is awful. Damn you autocorrect and my own inability to see my mistakes until I've published the post and can't get to the words to fix them because I'm on my phone doing this and not a laptop.

  2. Tsk, tsk, you and your commas. Otherwise, YESYESYESYESYES!!!! If I'm able to get a good mic, I might even be able to mention OIM a few times!