Mar 29, 2012

Pony Pics 70

I want to have your babies Iopichio..... did I just say that out loud?

After Dromaeosaur forced me to unholy levels of perversion last time (don't let him tell you otherwise, it was all his doing and he knows it), I'm going to go in the opposite direction with this one and keep my commenting squeaky clean and nonperverted.  No trips to Dusty land, no vagina bubbles, no pedophiles raping children jokes, just good wholesome commenting..... I doubt I'll last 2 pics.

Little known fact.  Nazi's loved umbrellas.  Hitler had an entire collection of them.  True story.
That arrow doesn't look very aerodynamic.

This is not sexual at all.  Nope.  Not at all. 

I think all younger siblings should be outlawed.  I really do.

So.. did you do something with your mane?

I just realized that I picked a horrible Pony Pics to skip sex jokes.  I mean come on.  Just look at this pic and tell me that it doesn't just scream "extremely graphic and explicit sex" at you!  I can't be the only one seeing it.

I want to make a sex joke about this pic so bad that it actually hurts not to.  I want to make it so, so badly.
How did Spike's notepad not get burned to a crisp? 

After Hurricane Fluttershy that's about as useful as the real Spitfire. 

Come on down to Ponyville and meet some friends of mine.

Things get a little spicier from here.
That's an incredible strange horn you have there.
Some alligators have all the luck.  I mean come one, she's in her bathing suit so she's obviously just bought him an inflatable pool to play in.  I wish I had an inflatable pool.

(fighting... urge... to make... sex joke)  So.. how about that weather? 


  1. Dusty's holding it in... I think he's going to explode, and I don't think any of us want to see the aftermath of that...

    Let's see... those ponies are obviously just hanging out to dry because they've been washed after getting very... dirty...

    I lol'd way harder than necessary when I read the bit about the inflatable pool. XD

  2. The shadow Celestia, if you changed her son to Lunas moon, to me, it'd feel like they fused together.