Mar 19, 2012

Pony Pics 67

Okay, so I  didn't get done with that super incredulous Blazing Glory cover yet, but damn if I haven't been working on it.  I'm almost there, I'm so close I can taste it.... and it tastes like awesome.

Hey, my Grandfather was killed by a muffin.

It was head explodin' good.

And then Prince Blueblood died, the end.  Don't you just love happy endings? 

I'm tempted to bring up the "who's the best superhero" question again, but we all know it's Iron Rarity so there's really no need.

Can he even breathe through that nose ring?

Okay, perverting things time.  Why does she want the banana so bad?  Because she misplaced her "special toy".

A.  My Little Monkies would be an awesome show, I would watch the heck out of it.  Fluttermonkey, MonkeyJack, Monkity, Monkey Pie, Rainbow Monkey, Monkey Sparkle.  This would be the greatest thing ever.

B. ............ I don't think big breasts are a problem..... not a problem at all.... at all.

C.  Last time I checked, when you told a girl she had small boobs, it didn't make her laugh.

Looks like someone just found out about the ending.

Crackles is dope, yo!

I think I need a copy of that book.

Twilight used Solar Beam!
It was super effective!

Insert Sir Mixalot's, "Baby Got Back"

Get your hands off me, you damn dirty diamond dog!

You see, in "Dusty Land"  (the inside of my head), this comic has several more panels, ones where Twilight doesn't just pop the balloon, but she pops something else of Trixie's.  If you know what I mean, wink wink nudge nudge.  

Now for a word from our sponsors:
Ponypedophiles are no laughing matter.  Keep your foal's virginity safe and secure with "Vagina Be Gone".  It works on the same principles as grout, thus sealing away temptation from those pesky predators.  Sure, she'll never be able to go to the bathroom again, but that's the price you pay for peace of mind.

Sexy form here on out

So this is a Trixie body pillow... and it's on Ebay... one of my loyal followers should totally go and buy this for me.  If your reading this, then yes, I mean you. 

Her ass is so sparkly clean you could eat off it.


  1. These just keep getting dirtier and dirtier.

  2. Fluttershy Johansson is best Avenger.

    His nose ring looks like those tubes people put in your nose at the hospital.

    "But Glanco, don't you think ending the comic without finishing the Daring Do story and pretending that that was your idea all along even though the truth is you had writer's block will make a lot of your followers angry?" "Yeah, well at least it's not as bad as the ending of that one Family Guy episode."

    You mean in Dusty Land she'd pop her bouncy castle too?! That's just cruel...

    I would have made a comment about the many things wrong with posting dirty pics of ponies, but then I realized that if I owned my own website I would probably end up doing the same thing...

    1. "You mean in Dusty Land she'd pop her bouncy castle too?! That's just cruel..."
      I laughed way harder than necessary. XD

      Also, I'm still a bit disturbed by the concept of pony body pillows, but I've seen worse... Namely a Starscream one... There's not enough brain bleach in the world to help with that.

      Also, Pixelkitties' picture of Swag Crackle is a thing of pure beauty.