Mar 15, 2012

Pony Pics 66

I don't want to over hype my upcoming Blazing glory cover (hopefully Monday)... but it's probably going to be the greatest thing every created by mane of God.  You'll see it and immediately have to read, then you'll kill yourself when the story is done (ha ha, like I'll every get around to finishing it) because you know nothing in your life will ever amount to that much amazingness ever again.  

Aren't you guys glad I'm so humble?

If they have party cannons, do they have lesbian slumber party cannons?

Is there a skin tight black suit store in Ponyville?
I'm not going to put a sex joke here.  That must be pretty (wait for it) shocking!  Da da dum tish.
This image scares me for some reason.  I'm not kidding.

Dem hips.
Looks like (my) team rockets blasting off again!

Did anyone else almost blow a gasket when she said wearing a super tight cat suit was "just for fun".  I thought my inner pervert was going to go insane with the implications.
"Tastes like sugar, candy, and ADHD."

I went cloud watching once.  It ended with a Mexican standoff on the Siberian border between me, a guy dressed in a Captain Planet suit, and a naked 70 year old man who kept on calling me Musty Rusty Duckie.  

This is Discworld related.  This makes amazing.

This may have been the greatest comic I have ever seen.  Period.


  1. It... it kinda looks like she broke her back...

    Meowth, that's absolutely perverted and hilariously right.

    If Kirby ever swallowed Pinkie, I wonder what kind of powers he would get?

  2. ive read this comic and i "JIZZED IN MY PANTS"