Mar 8, 2012

Pony Pics 63

Thursday afternoon already?  Time for a Pony Pics!
By the by, next week is Spring break, so that means I won't have school, which in turn means I won't ahve access to the internet all day like I usually do Monday - Thursday.  But I will try and pop in once or twice during the span, so I won't just disappear all week.  Also, our usual video review may not be up Monday, it just depends on when I get a chance to run into town.  Galvin will also be predisposed all next week, so he'll also be MIA.  So y'all will have to rely on Eternocte and Chameleon to handle things during the break.  But if you look on the bright side I'll have lots of time to work on Blazing Glory stuff, so that new cover is my number one priority next week along with hopefully a new chapter or two.  Plus I will be playing Mass Effect 3, talk about perfect timing.

Pretty much every pony get depicted as a psycho pat except for Applejack.  Why is that?  She very seldom goes the "crazy murderer" route.

 So... Batmare.. is on fire?.... okay, whatever.

OIM presents:  Dusty Perverting Innocent Images

Celestia:  "Luna come suckle my teat."
Luna: "LOL! That's for Babies!"

This has been, Dusty Perverting Innocent Images

The whole sexy maid thing doesn't work for me.  I start to think boy I wish I had a maid I could sexually harass, then I realize that my mom pretty much functions as my maid, then that sort of kills my libido.

When you get to be a level 50 pervert, like myself, you gain the power to mentally autofill flat chested females.  You guys can't see it, but trust me on this, my perversion powers are unmatched.

"I'll get those Apple girls this time, Akookookoo."

Congratulations!  Your Twilight Evolved! 

Since he's supposed to be her brother, I bet there's going to be a ton of incest fics coming.

As much as I love Gummy, I've got a feeling he's going to be pretty useless.

Remember how just last Pony Pics I said I really, really liked skirts?  Well you can image how I feel about this.

(Puts on hipster glasses)  Mrs. Lovett was turning people into food before turning people into food was cool. 

Minor Mass Effect 3 spoiler

I was heart broken when I found out Thane wasn't going to be part of your crew.  Thane and Tali were my go to crew members, now I'm going to have to find a replacement.

For some reason I can't stop imagining her carrying pencils in her mane and tail curls.  I don't know why.

Minor Mass Effect 3 spoiler

Did I mention that I really really hate that Thane isn't part of the crew?  Like I wanted to throw my controller at the screen when he did the whole "I'm too sick to go" line.

I still can't decided whether I like the extra fur on ponies or not. 

I have no idea what's going on here.

Steeve Sir Steeve
I might actually like carrots if they all came in a woman's cleavage.

Yeah.... this probably is more up Chameleon's alley with his meme posts.... but this made me laugh, so I decided to post it anyway.

Semi sort of maybe in the right light saucy pic below
Wrong!  It's supposed to be "With a cherry on top!"


  1. Well, enjoy your spring break Dusty! I'll be looking forward to more Blazing Glory stuff.

    Also, next weekend I'll be going to another anime convention, at which I'll be running a panel about the Hub. I'll be sure to spread the word about OIM again. XD

    1. Yes, be me voice, spread our glorious name!

      I wish there were conventions and whatnot closer to where I live. There's absolutely nothing near me.

  2. "So Y'all will have to rely on Eternocte..."

    I give it two days till I somehow feather everything up.

    1. If I haven't screwed everything up yet, I doubt you'll do any worse. ;)

  3. Wow, I finished that art project just in time. Don't worry, Eternocte, I won't leave you hanging!

    I may or may not be pissed about Twilight having a brother. I've been thinking about writing a fanfic after season 2 is over, and the finale might screw it up completely.

    Extra fur all the way. It's especially cute when it's on the chest, like in Ask Ruby Pinch.

    True story. My computer froze right on the human Carrot Top pic, and then it suddenly blinked. I knocked my chair over when I saw that.

    I have to hand it to you, Dusty. You nailed every single sex joke you made in this post. Well done.