Mar 5, 2012

Pony Pics 62

This one is freaking huge.  I'll be honest, I'll probably burn out with the commenting at around pic 20, but I'll try my gosh darn hardest!  Now I said I had some Dusty news.  I'm am currently working on two large art projects.  One is a collaboration pic with our very own Chameleon, and the other is a new cover for Blazing Glory.  Yes this isn't woohoohoo news or anything, but both of these will be bigger than anything I've ever attempted.  I'm planning on having every single important character from my story in this pic... for those of you haven't read Blazing Glory (although I know all good little Obsessers have been following it diligently) I have, let's just say a metric ton of OCs so this will be my number one priory for the next little while.

P.S.  Faith's mane is God awful hard to draw.  I have no idea how Pixelkitties did it.
P.S.S  We just hit the 90,000 views mark.  Yay us.  Now onto 100,000!

Spirit fingers!

A series that I really wanted to continue.  Claymore.  Why'd you have to end?  Why?!?!

You guys know me.  Five points to the person who can guess what my first thought was when seeing panel 3.

Well, I guess Gandalf brought it on himself for running up on stage.

Why does Twilight still have a horn?

Ally Way needs way more love.  She was only onscreen for like two seconds, but they were two seconds I'll never forget.

Yeah, y'all will have to actually use your finger muscles to click on this one.
Exploding guy
I've been on picnics by myself... they pretty much played out like this.

Remember how I can can make anything perverted?  Yeah, this took me .00006 seconds to come up with the explicit backstory.  Just look at her satisfied expression and the position of her left hoof.  This is child's play really.

That's one lonely arcade.

I bet it all on the ponies!

Enlarge if you need to.
I'll be honest, I'd watch the Celestia and Luna show in a heart beat.

If you listened all the way through are review, then you'll know what side I'm rooting for.  (Runs away, jumps into replica of the General Lee, blares horn while whistling Dixie, immediately crashes into tree because of the giant battle flag covering the windshield.)

So apparently this is also a poster on Ebay... someone should go buy it and offer it to me as tribute.  You know..  just cause.

The bendy straws in panel three really stole the show.

The back wall made me think of chocolate cake for some reason.  (Stomach growls, remembers he hasn't eaten anything all day)  Oh, that's probably why.

Well this brings back fond memories of me and my dad.  I would suggest we "relive" the fond memories, but I think I'd probably break both of his arms and legs if we tried.

Well after I saw the artist's name was soapie, that sort of ruined the snow for me.

Cue "That's all folks!"

I hear tail hats are coming back into style this year.

I'll never understand art.  A naked woman is a naked woman, end of story.

Honestly, if you haven't tried Romantically Apocalyptic yet, what are you waiting for?

For all you ladies out there, I've got a real thing for skirts.  Now you will know how to properly please me.  (Letting power go to me head?  Definitely and loving every second.)

(Wipes away single manly tear.)

Crap.  I have no idea how I'm going to fit Mass Effect 3 in.  I have so much freaking stuff I'm trying to do!
(insert witty comment here cause I'm running on fumes.)

This last pic is a little on the NSFW side, but it's technically not pornographic.
The real question is, where is Mrs. Cake during all this?  "Genetics" hint hint.


  1. Dat first Lyra pic: Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?!

    If Twilight was a human, I imagine she would go to a lot of Bronycons, hence the horn.

    I swear, the inconsistency of technology in Equestria is turning me ParaTwi.

    I remember trying to post about one of PDL's posters awhile ago, but every time I tried to link to it, it wouldn't work...

    I could not focus at all while watching this week's episode because I couldn't stop thinking about Looney Tunes.

    I really haven't read Romantically Apocalyptic yet, so I'm gonna have to play catch up now.

    Alternatively, saying you like girls in skirts is just helping them decide what NOT to wear. :)
    I kid, Dusty, women find you irresistible.

    1. I don't bother linking to pics, I save them to my harddrive and then upload them. That way if the url changes or anything like that, the pictures will still be here.

  2. I'm pretty sure I've seen at least one other picture of Lyra with magic hands before... I think someone should use that concept to make a parody of the "grab my boob" comic.
    Lyra: Bon Bon, grab my hand!
    Bon Bon: What?
    Lyra: *conjures hand*
    Bon Bon: *grabs hand*

    And yes, Claymore was really good, but I've always had a pet peeve about series that seem too eager to kill off characters...

    I can't believe there's actually going to be a new Care Bears series on the Hub... What if it's actually good and, like MLP, manages to amass a fanbase of grown men? o.O I seriously doubt it, but this time last year I would have doubted I'd ever like MLP...

    Yes Chameleon, you really do need to check out Romantically Apocalyptic. I just gave it a shot fairly recently, then I immediately got hooked and caught up in about two days, lol.

    Also, I'm really looking forward to seeing those new art projects Dusty! Just don't push yourselves too hard... SO MUCH PONI... XD

    1. The Care Bears and the My Little Pony communities will be at war. "No my little girls show is better!" We will need to crush them swiftly and without mercy before they have a chance to amass a proper following.