Mar 28, 2012

Pony Music #111

TheDumplingz certainly knows how to spitfire. See what I did there? You see, when rappers use their "sick flow" to "drop" lyrics written with their "mad skillz(s)" it is know as "spitting fire" and this particular song is about a pony called "Spitfire". This is why it is funny.

More metaphorical fire being spat.

This isn't pony related and you will probably never find another Archie V song that is. That's because Archie is trying to get signed to a label and having Hasbro IP in his songs isn't helping. This also means he has had to remove all his songs with copyrighted material. You can still find some of them on YouTube uploaded by other users, but if you like them I suggest you get downloading ASAP.


  1. Archie is going commercial? That's awesome, I wish him the best of luck!

  2. Thanks for exlainin' it to me Eternocte, it makes much more sense now.