Mar 26, 2012

Pony Music #110

Apparently YouTube derped the song so a lot of the sound is panned incorrectly or something. Listen to it (and download it) here or here (for free).

This song isn't pony related but *cue song*.

This has got to be my new most favouritest song by MandoPony.

Stupid Genreal uploading this ten minutes after I publish the post.

Also, Tei has released some more of his... interesting music. It's lovely.


  1. Another OdysseyEurobeat song with vocals? You bet your flank I'm okay with that! XD

    More incredible epicosity from MandoPony...

    And more WTF from Tei. XD

  2. So many great musicians in one post... I don't even care that the Eurobeat song wasn't pony-related, it was amazing.
    Mando:"All the apples you could ever want."
    Jappleack: "Forget you, I can eat all those apples."

  3. Replies
    1. Drom, I think you upsetted the great and powerful Tei. Now you must apologize by making your own video of yourself dancing naked. XD

    2. Oh... I meant WTF in a good way... What would the internet be without beautiful randomness like Tei's? Anyway, if I ever have 1000 subscribers, or even 100, I'm sure I will have done a LOT of silly stuff by then. XD