Mar 20, 2012

The Other Twilight Sparkle Is Back

Feel free to reprimand me for posting this, I'm pretty sure no sane person would have done this. But yeah, a new teaser has been posted for Breaking Dawn Part 2... and I'm sure a bunch of teenage girls and middle-aged women are already preparing to storm the theaters. Now, while I could rant for quite a bit about how I've been forced to see every movie, how much I dislike the series, and how Breaking Dawn Part 1 was the worst one yet, I feel there's an important message for us all to remember. That message is love and tolerance. You have to admit that a bunch of adult fans of My Little Pony dissing Twilight is a little odd. One could obviously argue the difference in quality, but the point remains that people should be allowed to enjoy whatever crazy franchise they want. On another note, Bella is now a vampire and Jacob is now Pedobear... Pedowolf? I don't even... this whole thing is just so jacked up...


  1. My Little Pony fans dissing Twilight isn't odd at all IF said fans have read/watched the series and disliked it. It's only hypocritical or wrong when a MLP fan says Twilight is shit without even giving it a try. The fact that you have seen every movie entitles you to your negative opinion on the series and to express your criticisms of it. What you're NOT entitled to do is to diss the fans of Twilight for liking something that you don't.

    'Nocte logic.

  2. My condolences Dro for having been forced to see those movies. Personally I never saw any of the movies but I attempted to read the first book. It was just before the first movie came out and every girl I knew was freaking out. Being the literature loving guy I am I took a crack to find just what it was that was so great. I search for compelling characters, interesting plot-lines and provocative ideals. All I got was some girl talking about some dreary guy that sparkled when he went outside. I won't judge those who like because I love My Little Pony for Pete's sake. Though if there is someone out there who does like movies will you please tell me why? I've tried asking people that do and all they give me is, "Oh its so sweet and romantic and blah blah blah."

    I miss the old days when vampires were cool and the people usually associated with them were Hugh Jackman wearing a cool hat (Van Helsing) or Wesley Snipes chopping people up with a sword (Blade). *sigh*

  3. Well then, 'Nocte logic appears very sound. XD And yes, Galvin, I also read the first book, and bits from some of the others. If you don't like the books, you would probably despise the movies. Most of the characters seem even more dull. And I hate that Bella thought to go for Edward in the first place, Jacob was the one who was always there for her. Whatever though, if some people enjoy it, that's fine by me.

    And yeah, hopefully Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter will return the genre to its rightful place. XD On another note, there actually is a vampire romance story that I do enjoy. It's called Tsukihime. Of course, if you look it up, you'll find that it's... how shall I put it... NSFW, lol.

  4. While I've never tried the books, I've also been dragged to all the movies. So I have the right to say that the plot is just absolutely screwed up. If Jacob can't get with Bella, he'll take her daughter instead, who can magically grow to adult size in a short amount of time. Happy ending for everyone. Seriously, look up Breaking Dawn on Wikipedia. Not even the plot synopsis is decently written.

    To answer Galvin, from what I've been told, the reason why girls like it so much is because Bella is just you're average every day girl that is suddenly being fought over by two gorgeous guys. I'm pretty sure that is not every girl's fantasy, but that must be what a lot of the fans dream of.

    To clarify, I'm not going to get on anyone if they like the Twilight series. If that's your thing, that's your thing. But it's definitely not my thing.

    1. Average girl? If I remember correctly, at one point she jumps off a cliff to get Edwards attention.

  5. I don't particularly love the Twilight series, (I've seen the first two movies) but I don't begrudge anyone who does like it. If it's your thing then feel free to enjoy it, it's not hurting me none so why should I care. If I don't like something, don't watch it. Simple as that.