Mar 26, 2012

OIM Hurricane Fluttershy Review

The one wherein I hurt myself, wear another awesome hat, and complain about tornadoe physics.

If your having problems viewing try this link to Metacafe. OIM Hurricane Fluttershy Review


  1. "This video contains content from EMI, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds"

    I guess I'm the only one getting this?

    1. Well that sucks. I guess you only have yourself to blame, not living in America and all. ;)

      I think it's the end credits music I used. I can't go back and change the video because I always delete the project file once I get done creating the video.

      It's too bad because this was probably the greatest video I've ever done/ever will do. Its a race against time as I rush to complete the review before a giant storm hits, I go ax murderer on a tree, and even end up bleeding. (of screen of course but my dramatic entrance didn't go quite as planned)

      You'll just have to go without this week, or you could always try a proxy server.

    2. Okay I uploaded a copy onto Metacafe. Does this version work?

  2. Twilight: "Do I look like I speak squirrel?"
    Kronk: "Squeak squeak squeakity squeak?"
    But in all seriousness, yeah, I'm pretty sure Fluttershy's ability to speak with woodland critters just comes from having spent so much time with them...

    Also, I smiled rather wide upon hearing my name. XD Unfortunately, as far as con coverage, the guy who went around the last con and recorded all of the pony panels hasn't spoken to me since. I hope to get those vids eventually, but for the next con, I'm just gonna have to find a way to record stuff for myself...

  3. ^This guy.

    First the Teletubby doll, then the train whistle, and now my axe? How did you even find out where I live when I get lost on my way home sometimes?! Come to think of it, that patch of woods you did this week's review in looks oddly familiar... 0_0

    I absolutely agree that the tornado idea is ridiculous, unless it's considered as some sort of competition between the towns. Seeing that it's a pretty dangerous competition, you might as well just compare it to the Hunger Games. Also, I must be really tired, because "pulling the pony masks out of their ass" shouldn't have been that hilarious.

    1. I know everything about you Chameleon, I always know.