Mar 20, 2012

Obsession Is Magic 100,000

So we have now hit our latest milestone, 100,000 page views.  I suppose I should have made a celebratory banner and whatnot..... but I didn't think about it.  Oh well, I'll make one for our next milestone.  Hoof bumps all around everyone, you've all been doing a great job getting us here (although in reality we all know I singlehandedly did everything with no help from anyone because I'm a lone wolf loose cannon blogger on the edge who doesn't play by the rules.)  Heck I remember back when the only member on the site was me and I was getting 12 page views a day and they were all from me looking at the site, all I was posting was pretty much random pony pics that I had saved on my hard drive, our horrible, horrible original format video reviews, that whole Archive thing, and maybe one or two bits of movie news or pony videos.  I had no idea what I was doing and no one to watch me make a train wreck out of it.  Now we've finally garnered an audience, figured out sort of what we are as a site, started an initiative to help out smaller sites that I would have killed for when I was first starting out, and I've got 4.5 minions.  I think that Obsession Is Magic is doing pretty good.  And while we don't have the super numbers like some sites, I sort of like have the smaller, more intimate setting.  Here we can have conversations and whatnot in the comments sections and just post random nonsense because we're not a super serious site or anything.  Do you think the sites that get 100s of comments on a single post really get to know each other?  No, they're just another face in the crowd, but here I feel like I get to meet new people and just have fun with them.

So keep up the good work everybody and next stop 200,000, here we come.  1,000,000 is still like 50 years away so I'm adjusting my aim accordingly.


  1. Here's to posting more random nonsense, to meeting more new people and to another 100,000 views!

  2. Yes, viva la OIM! In all seriousness, by my calculations, we would actually reach 1,000,000 views at least by 3.5 years from now. That should be enough time for me to get started on the celebration pic...