Mar 28, 2012

LOTS Of Transformers News

Starscream is so adorable... What?...
Yep, the floodgates have opened and one Cybertronian scoop after the next just keeps popping up. In the interest of keeping this site "Obsession Is Magic", and not "'Til All Are Obsessed" or "Obsession Is The Right Of All Sentient Beings", I've decided to simply jam the most important new tidbits into this one post. So check it all out after the break. Warning: long post is long.

High Moon Studios has put out a gameplay trailer and announced the release date for their upcoming video game, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. It's set to release on August 28, and is a direct sequel to High Moon's previous Transformers game, Transformers: War for Cybertron. WFC was, in the opinion of many, easily the best Transformers game ever made. So yeah, I'm looking forward to FOC with a great deal of anticipation...
On another note, this game lets you create your own custom Transformer for multiplayer... So, if you guys were Transformers, what would you choose as your vehicle mode? Personally, I'd choose something like a Harrier Jet. Extra maneuverability FTW!

EDIT: High Moon has released ANOTHER video about Fall of Cybertron, which can be seen here. This one is a behind the scenes video that talks about how gameplay will differ from one character to the next. Hmm... Bruticus is cool and all... but I just can't wait to play as Grimlock! Fire-breathing robot dinosaur, yay!

BigBang has released their newest album, "Alive", which contains the full version of the Japanese Transformers: Prime intro, "Feeling". Now that I've heard the full song... it feels even less fitting for Transformers... Admittedly, I'm already starting to like the song, I just don't think a series in which a character is violently killed roughly five minutes into the first episode is the right place for a song about partying... Oh well, we still have the actual opening sequence to look forward to, even if now I can't help but imagine it will involve Optimus sporting shutter shades and bling. Lol.

Well, it kinda "transforms"...
Some of you are surely aware that ASUS has been selling a tablet that they call the "Transformer Prime". In fact, I have a friend who plans on getting one. Being rather amused with the name, I joked that he needs to use a Tranformers: Prime wallpaper when he gets it. Well, apparently I wasn't the only one who was a bit preoccupied with the name, as Hasbro filed a lawsuit seeking to ban sales in the US. They lost, derp. Silly Hasbro, you can't claim ownerhip of  commonly used words. Who do you think you are? Blizzard? Bethesda? Anyway, you can read a bit more about the crazy legal antics here. But seriously, I can see where both sides are coming from, I just think this whole fiasco was totally unnecessary.
He just can't wait to be king.
Most important tidbits... yes... Robotkingdom has updated the photo gallery for the upcoming Takara Masterpiece MP-11 Coronation Starscream, which can be be viewed here. It's set to start shipping on the 31st, and it looks awesome. Dat crown... dem shoulders... dat FABULOUS cape... Why do import figures have to be so expensive!?


  1. I haven't really seem much of the Transformers universe other than the 3 movies, but after weeing your posts, I'm beginning to think I should get in on the robot action. Also, yes, that cape is totally fabulous.

    1. Yes, you should. XD If nothing else, just check out a bit of Transformers: Prime. I really think that series is the best thing that has happened to this franchise in quite a while. Though, you may have to get over how weird Optimus looks when his faceplate is retracted, lol.

  2. Transformers and ponies: the only two things that will make me listen to dubstep. That game trailer looks amazing! When it comes out, Hasbro and ASUS should play a multiplayer match to settle this lawsuit thing.