Mar 21, 2012

Goodbye Gillan hello Coleman

Whelp, here she is.  This is Jenna-Louise Coleman and come this December she will be taking over the reigns as the next companion in BBC's Doctor Who.  I firmly believe she will be the best companion ever.  Why?  Because her last name is Coleman... my last name is also Coleman, therefore she must be amazing.  

I bet you thought I was going to make a joke about her cleavage didn't you.

Go here to watch an interview about Jenna-Louise Coleman takes on Doctor Who role (I couldn't embed it)

Never mind found one.


  1. Thanks a lot... now I'm imagining YOU as the Doctor's companion... WTF.

    1. They would never let me be a companion because they know I would steal the show for the Doctor. Now my playing the Doctor is an option on the table.

  2. And to think you would be immature enough to put a cleavage joke IN the post. :)