Mar 17, 2012

Gimpcowking Hall of Pony

Saturday already?  Well that week flew by.  Guess it's time for Hall of Pony!  This week we have Gimpcowking, so hit that link and read on.

1.When/how did you discover MLP:FIM?
-I got into ponies around april last year. A long time friend was raving about them at PAX, and at first I was a bit incredulous, but I keep an open mind. In the weeks that followed. More and more stuff I frequent became infested with ponies, and one slow day at work was all it took to start the descent into madness.

2.Who is your favorite main cast character and why?
-My favorite character is actually Rarity, which is bizarre, as I always hated the fashionista character; but that’s what this show does, makes you think differently. Why Rarity then? Well, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the rogue/thief style character, and combined with her many eccentricities, giving nature, and the fact she’s also an artist makes her pretty awesome.

3.Who is your favorite background character( this is anypony other than the main 6.  ie not Twilight, Fluttershy...)?
-Favorite background pony? Shouldn’t that be apparent in my art? Definitely DJ P0N-3, cause five and a half seconds of airtime is apparently all you need to shake up an entire community

4.Who would you follow Celestia or Luna?
-Luna, definitely Luna. I’ve always found the moon to be the most alluring thing in the sky.

5.What would you tell someone who hasn't watched the show?
-This question… its something along like:
“Youre watching My Little Pony? Such a fag…”
“Nah bro, ponies are legit now, check it”
“Yeah, no.”
“look, I understand your skepticism, I mean I never thought I'd see the day where vampires fighting werewolves over the right to bang some floozy would be less manly than magical, sparkling friendship ponies.”
“hah, oh god, that’s true…”

6.What are your influences?
-My biggest influences are everyone who appreciates my art, and posts comments on what I do, it helps me keep my head in the game, and helps to point out where my flaws are. I obligatorily have to mention Lauren Faust, and all the artists at studio B, cause if it weren’t for them and this show, chances are I would have never gotten back into art at all.

7.If you had one quote (from anything) that has really had an impact on you/ just a saying you really liked, what would it be?
-“At one point in time, every molecule in our bodies was once part of a star.”

8.What is the best pony site you know?(Hint Hint, remember your doing this thing for Obsession Is Magic, but I do encourage you to be truthful.)
-Erm, um, im sorry to say it as you’ve been so kind as to feature me, but my favorite pony-specific site is EDaily, they were one of my first portals into the brony community, and I literally spent all of last summer there reading fanfic and getting bronyfied.

9.Just a little about yourself.  This is open eneded so you tell us anything you want to tell.
-Hm, anything I want to tell? Well, not much else to say I suppose, but I have taken a month off from drawing, RL business got in the way, so I need to get back into the saddle as it were. if anyone reading has any requests ill see about fulfilling them, no promises, but ive had the most fun working on the strange ideas that my watchers come up with, I like to enforce that this is, after all, a self feeding community.

Thanks for the feature, I know there are better artists out there, but you decided to waste your time with ME!! And for that, I’m appreciative. Thanks all, and have a wonderful night.

And there you have it.  Gimpcowking, we here at Obsession Is Magic look forward to more of your cool art.

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  1. I've been enjoying Gimpcowking's poster designs and art for some time now! It's always cool to discover more about the process of other artists and their views on the community.

    Thanks Gimp and thanks OIM!