Mar 22, 2012

DC Nation Shorts: Super Best Friends Forever

Awhile ago, we posted about Lauren Faust's new animated short-in-progress, Super Best Friends Forever. The first short aired March 17th. A small clip of it follows:

The voice talent behind the three above is absolutely amazing. Batgirl should sound immediately familiar: she is voiced by none other than Tara Strong, who needs no introduction. Wonder Girl is voiced by Grey DeLisle, whose list of roles in film and television goes on longer than the distance my mouth dropped open. Her voice should bring back some nostalgia: she's the voice of Daphne in most of the animated Scooby Doo movies. She also goes waaaaaaay back with Ms. Faust, having played parts in Powerpuff Girls (Femme Fatale), Kids Next Door (Crazy Cat Lady), and Foster's (Frankie). Some of Grey's more recent roles include doing work for Dan Vs., Transformers:Prime (TBA), and the new Green Lantern Animated Series.

While Nicole Sullivan, voice of Supergirl, may not be as experienced as DeLisle, she is just as talented doing not only animation roles (Marlene from Penguins of Madagascar and Drew Saturday from The Secret Saturdays), but also proving herself as an actress, playing Bonnie in $#*! My Dad Says, and small appearances in everything from kids shows (Zack And Cody) to crime scenes (CSI).

If anyone had any doubts about this series of shorts or didn't want to jump on the "Lauren Faust" bandwagon, you shouldn't feel that way anymore.

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