Mar 25, 2012

3/24 Fighting Is Magic Update

Buck life. Buck it to the gates of Tartarus.

Sorry about that. I needed to vent a little plus I needed a header image.

For those of you who missed my last update on Fighting Is Magic, look at it right now. Seriously, I wasted 4 hours of my precious life and condensed it down so you could get the same info in 5 minutes. Hell, I could have spent that time doing something productive. Like looking at ponies.

The ManeSixDev team recently released a video that is equivalent to the blooper reel in the movies, showing all the different bugs they've come across this past month.

I always love me a Fighting Is Magic update, but is that Applejack wearing a Cheerilee reskin at 3:17? Well, I guess you can cross everypony's favorite teacher off the list as a playable characer. Also, if you read the full post that went along with the release of that video, you may see some similarities between the ManeSixDevTeam and our very own Lord Dusty. oh Celestia why did you write that Eternocte now he's going to make me do push-ups over the lava pool

On another note, a new programmer has arrived to help with this project, by the name of Hawk. This warrants your attention, only because of how they announced his debut to the pony scene. Here's how he (or she) said hello:

"Hey, everypony!  I desire the blood of the innoc—


Hey, everypony!  I am normal and serious hue-man.  With hands.

And feelings!  Like desire.

:) <— See?  I am happy.  And sad —> :(

I do not understand why you/we named your/our race after a chromatic correlative.  This bears further study.

In your savage and highly infantile mapping of sounds to concepts you call a "language", I would be called a "programmer".  Taming the creature known as Fighter Maker is nothing compared to hunting the glorious and monstrous beasts of my planet.

I enjoy holding hands (with my hue-man hands) and long stalks on the beach.

This was my introduction.  You have enjoyed it.

May I have—talk to—your innocent now?

(Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash Voltron together to form Best Poni.)"

Now why didn't I think to do that when I joined OIM?


  1. I wrote nothing! It was Galvin and Dromaeosaur, I tell you! I am loyal to our lord and master.

    1. Yes Eternocte, you have now replace Chameleon as most loyalest minion. You may now print this comment out and post it on your fridge.