Feb 27, 2012

Pony Pics 60

Now that I've subjugated y'all to my half-assed attempts at art, here's some real pics to sink your teeth into.

This made me smile so hard.

Butterflies are fine and dandy, but if they started swarming all around me, I don't think it would be as peaceful as artists try and make it out to be.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up one morning and the headlines read "Disgruntled Bronies suspected in Hasbro offices bombing plot" 

Up, up, and away!

Oh my God!  Dj Pon-3 without her horn!  Quick everyone, let's get the torches and pitchforks!

That's one messed up looking butterfly.

And now we're left with a cliffhanger.  The next part better be out by Thursday!

I think I'm reminded everyday that I can't wait for that Nightmare Moon toy to come out.  I want it so badly that it hurts.  I physically hurt I want this toy so much.

That must be one good flower.

If ponies can just eat flowers and plants, what's the point of having restaurants and whatnot.  "Well, I'm hungry, guess I'll go in the back yard and graze."  Why waste the bits?

I'm gettin' down right aggravated with the show.  We've seen Pinkie sad/ not happy several times now and she still won't go flat hair!

Somebody please help me to like Applejack.  I really want to like her, I do, but she's just so.... not good.

When ponies get all glowy you know some magical shit is about to go down.

Little did she know there was a brick wall right behind her.
This is Iopichio's OC Ipon.  It's good, but it's no grilled cheese sandwich.

Oh...My....God.  I went an entire Pony Pics without a single sex joke.  What's happening to me?!?!?!  Guys, I'm scared.


  1. Looks kinda like Vinyl's got a Spinfusor.

  2. That first pic is one of the most unique MLP/Touhou images I've seen.

    Pfft, that balloon Decepticon was obviously a reject that Megatron simply wanted to get rid of. Lol.

    More Daring Do, yay!

    Ya know, I was thinking... For me, the most enchanting aspect of Iopichio's art is the eyes... A grilled cheese sandwich doesn't have eyes. =(

  3. Fox drew her without a horn because he was trying to make her look like Skrillex, I think.

    Restaurants=gourmet salad? I have no idea.

    And it looks like our little Dusty is growing up. It seems like it was just yesterday he was posting hentai all over the place. *sniff* It happens so fast...

  4. *sees the high-tech pic of DJ PON-3* sweeeeeeeet.
    *sees Dusty's comment* XD
    *realizes there isnt any MLP pics that are hentai in all but name* goddam* it i went to the wrong site again didnt i...
    *realizes that i only have a few more pages to go after reading every single pony pics page* NO I COULD JUST SHOOT MYSELF /Raritydrama