Feb 20, 2012

Pony Pics 58

Most of these are old now, but hey, who cares, pony is timeless.

I like female diamond dogs.... just ask Archangel.

It was really romantic when Pinkie fell, breaking Big Macs spine.

They're talking about making this a boss battle in the game.  Screw that, make it a playable vehicle, I would never use any of the other carts, just the Super Speedy Cider Squezzy 6000!

Is Infinite out yet?  Nope.  Every time I think I can forget about it, another pic has to go an remind me.

You are now entering the foxinshadow zone
"....you made a hole in that hat?"
"Yep, now I'm gonna make a hole in your pants. Oww!"

....and then there were gorgon ponies.

 Good luck flying with those wings.

Shit just got furry.... and I'm okay with that.  By the by, what the hell are they?  Are they a thing or did the artist just go, "Hmm, I love furries and I love dragons.... by God I've got it!  Furry dragons!"

Crack that whip girl, crack that whip.

This makes me think she's playing Dance Dance Revolution for some reason.  I'd give you my train of logic, but it would take a couple pages to thoroughly explain it so just try and figure it out yourself.

I might actually get excited about the upcoming movie if there will be ponies in it.

The only reason this wasn't the headline image is because I had already used it in Saturdays Hall of Pony, also are those ties in her skin?!? 

Things I wish I had thought of while doing our review:
I'm sure Applejack appreciate having a giant picture of Pinkie's face on her barn.

Gummy is the true star of the show, and even if you say otherwise, you know it in your heart to be true. 

I was going to make a violent, horrible, unholy, rape joke here and don't believe I couldn't, but then I looked at little Vinyl and just said "No.  Not this time.  Not. This. Time."

Can you guess what's wrong in this picture
Fluttershy is all alone!  How could nopony want Fluttershy?!?

Not cool.  I've gotten it from the highest authority that Twilight is adorkable, she can't be forever alone!

I feel like that filly should turn into a super villain after being rejected on Hearts and Hooves day.  She could want to destroy all love in Equestria or something.  I can't be the only person thinking this.


  1. Lol, I didn't even know there was any other fanart of female diamond dogs...

    Gorgon pony? But she doesn't have snakes for a mane, so she's more like a naga or a lamia... Either way, me gusta.

    Sorry, those furry dragon ponies are scaring the crap outta me. Lol.

    Woah, the ties DO look like they're in her skin... Masochist Pinkie!?

  2. Oh Dusty, always with your one-liners. And I'm excited about the Hunger Games, PERIOD.

    Since you follow Iopicchio too, I know you probably paid for that new picture, didn't you? ;)

    And while I don't really know much about them, I think those furry dragon ponies are supposed to be Sergals.

    1. Should I be excited for the Hunger Games? I haven't read any of the books, are they any good?

      Sadly I have no points to give, so I have to wait for it to be posted on poniborru.

      Sergals? Huh, never heard of them before. *Knowledge has increased by +1.

    2. I made the switch to the Hunger Games once Harry Potter was officially over. I'm glad I did, it's one of the best series I have ever read. I would definitely suggest it to anyone, even if you're a non-reader, since a few of my friends who never read liked it, too.