Feb 13, 2012

Pony Pics 57

You'll be happy to now that I move from sex jokes.... to sexism in this one.  So many pictures, so many pictures.  I may have lost a small bit of my sanity trying to comment on these.

I officially want Iopichio to animate everything ever.  Iopichio presents pile of sand, Iopichio presents toenail clippers, Iopichio presents my grandma, Iopichio presents grilled cheese sandwich.  And they would all be awesome.

I think the flower trio don't get enough love... I also think I don't get enough love. Oww!

Then Rainbow feel to the ground from being woozy after all the blood rushed to her head. 

This is bringing back the "Bubble" problem from last Pony Pics.  Although at least there is a soap bottle in this one.

Smarty Pants just got 20% hotter.

That's a super shallow pond.  It's more of a large puddle. 

Just go see the movie instead, saves time.

 I'm not going to lie, that's a pretty bad ass machine right there.

Looks like Daring Do has some big breasts to fill....

I kid you not, if they had a Twilight Sparkle one, I'd buy it,

"Tsh, Pinkie is so not best pony"  Last words spoken before meeting a fiery demise.

 That fence totally wasn't in the background in the episode.  It just ruins the entire picture.  For shame Pixelkitties for shame.

(just kidding)

Glowy Scratch is best Scratch. 

Oh Twilight,  at least you'll be able to star gaze while your banished on the moon.

Just squirt her with a spray bottle whenever she acts up.  It's works on dogs so it'll probably work on females too, right?  
Warning:  Women are dangerous animals and this method may result in pain and suffering for any male foolish enough to try.

If you find my man card down there, be sure to let me know.


  1. More not-quite-human ponies... No idea why they still kinda bother me...

    I agree, seeing an Iopichio-style grilled cheese sandwich would be so awesome.

    GlancoJusticar's art continues to impress.

    Also... Curse you, Dusty! I've finally given in and become addicted to Romantically Apocalyptic.