Feb 9, 2012

Pony Pics 56

God, I still haven't gotten a chance to watch Hearts and Hooves, that's the first thing I'm doing when I get home.  Well, actually I'll probably eat dinner, then take a shower first, but then I'll watch it!  And I don't care how much every other brony is crying about how you're a horrible person if you do and Hasbro is going to go broke and the shows going to be canceled all because we're watching it early.  Pardon my langue, but that's utter crap.  

Also, there's only 5.5 sex jokes in this one!  I think I deserve a gold sticker for all the restraint I exhibited.

Balloon XXX The Movie, coming soon to a porn site near you!

Isn't Derpy/ Doctor Whooves shipping canon by now?

Well it's a good thing she hadn't gotten to the love scene yet.

A heart with a shield, I'm going to say she's a c@ck blocker.  "Sorry, no love for you!"

And in the continuing adventure of Mecha Pinkie Pie...

Yeah, Pixelkitties is one of those "Leak is Weak" people.  I think I made it clear I am not in this camp.  Let's just chalk it up to a lovers quarrel and leave it at that.  And don't you dare contradict me.

By the by, yes I did just come up with that slogan.  Sometimes I surprise myself with my genius.

If you don't get the reference then you need to start watching BBC's Sherlock ASAP.

This image invoked some very strange ideas in my head.  Like if you don't have a bottle of soap, then can other "sticky" liquids be used as a substitute?  Don't you guys just love how I ruin images for you?

Your going to need to click and enlarge this one.
This is pretty much my experience with my first erotic image, except it was totally different in every way, shape, and form.


  1. Awww, I don't think our opinions on the matter are at odds really. What I'm advocating is not avoiding the episode (Heck yeah I bought it and watched it before the episode was pulled!) but rather just being conscious about spoilers and making sure we support the show when it actually airs. That's all!

    So no quarreling! We'll just agree to both be right. =D

    1. Eww... well this is awkward. I didn't realize you still came here. If you'll excuse me, I need to go find a nice quiet corner to hang myself.

      Make incredibly stalkery and creepy comments where the person can find them FTW!

    2. Quick! Brohoof me before you bite the dust! Oh, don't worry, Dusty. You only made comments on the Internet, and they're only here forever. That's like... *counts on fingers* forever!