Feb 6, 2012

Pony Pics 55

We got a big un' today folks.  And yes, that is a ponified version of the Romantically Apocalyptic comic that I told y'all about a while back.

I would love to see a "Rainbow is teased about somthing" plot line and she has to deal with accepting herself or something.... or she snaps and kills everypony.  That's pretty much my boilerplate answer to everything really.

Can you believe this show has multiple seasons?  (Ancient Aliens)  I've watched it, every episode is almost exactly the same thing, just repeated over and over.

All according to plan.
This makes me sad the Prince Blueblood tumblr isn't around. 

The eyes.... the eyes....

Dusty fun fact: Thing I've always wanted to try #169 - Breast milkshake.
I can't be the only one.... okay just me.  Fine, I'll just go back in my corner now.

Does anyone else compulsive say "Girl be derpin'" whenever they see Derpy or is it just me?

Insert rope bondage / naughty nurse/ definitely not a sex joke, joke here.

And then Sweetie Belle failed to get into a good college because she didn't pay attention in class.  Remember kids, knowledge is power!

Fanfic idea:  Scootaloo becomes queen of the chickens, then leads her poultry army to world domination.

I think the caption "there will be blood" fits nicely here.

I'm sort of just in awe of the sheer amount of doodles on this one pic.  


  1. How can you explain so much humanized pony? The sheer amount of epic win? "Aliens."

  2. Iopichio and foxinshadow are becoming two of my favorite artists. They make some good stuff!

    And I'm certain the cherrychangas are actually laced with cyanide, so there won't be blood, but there will be a lot of scrabbling and gurgling.