Feb 18, 2012

Iopichio Hall of Pony

Iopichio.  Iopichio?  Iopichio!  Yes, it's Iopichio in this weeks Hall of Pony.  If you follow Pony Pics then you know that I am a big, uber fan of her art style.  I've been sitting on this one for a couple weeks and have been about to explode to post it, so hit that link A.S.A.P.  Although if you don't like pics that are on the spicy side, then you may want to skip this one, cause it's gonna get hot up in here!

1.When/how did you discover MLP:FIM?
-I discovered it with my two brothers thanks to meme-base.
Suddenly there was a ridiculously cute blue pony with rainbow mane in my screen and... my face exploded in tears of joy..
we discovered the history behind the show, how it unexpectedly gained the fame it now has and just had to give it a try and... my soul burnt into magic and sparkles...

2.Who is your favorite main cast character and why?
-Always a hard question... I'd have to say that Rarity's voice rules my life.
It started being Fluttershy's adorableness, later going to AppleJack's incredible attitude, I still love them so much my brain melts in my head just thinking about them. But the more Rarity lines I heard, the stronger my passion grew <3
"and of course I would say, YES!!!"
surprisingly enough she hasn't got that many pics in my gallery, but they'll get there

3.Who is your favorite background character( this is anypony other than the main 6.  ie not Twilight, Fluttershy...)?
f***ing definitely DISCORD.
not much else to say but that he rules at EVERYTHING.
probably followed by Promontory cuz he pulls trains and fights obstacles like a boss.
and Big Mac... he's just adorable..
I could go on but I'll stop, too much awesomeness in this show, I'm sure you understand...

4.Who would you follow Celestia or Luna?
-........ discord? <3
Ok, Molestia... you can imagine why ;D

5.What would you tell someone who hasn't watched the show?
-What I tell everyone who hasn't watched the show. WATCH IT.
You'll have by now figured out I'm a freak at life...

6.What are your influences?
-Hmm, I don't have a list at hand but I'll try.
some will probably be F.S & gueuzav.

7.If you had one quote (from anything) that has really had an impact on you/ just a saying you really liked, what would it be?
-"better to shut up and look stupid, than to talk and demonstrate it"

8.What is the best pony site you know?(Hint Hint, remember your doing this thing for Obsession Is Magic, but I do encourage you to be truthful.)
-I'd have to say Equestria Daily ^^'

9.Just a little about yourself.  This is open eneded so you tell us anything you want to tell.
-Little about myself? My christmas tree was put in the wall this year
tree on the floor? Bitch please, WALLTREE!

And there you have it.  Iopichio a great artist, one of my personal absolute favorites.

P.S.  If you skipped all the reading and just drooled over the art, well I can understand.


  1. I drooled more than there is water in the Nile River. In all seriousness, Iopichio, how do you draw your eyes so good? They're just too beautiful...

  2. I still wanna see that Iopichio-style grilled cheese sandwich... Would it be wearing lingerie?... Lol.

  3. Could you make your Berry punch picture to fit a poster with the size of a whiteboard? About 900x1275. I'll pay you a lot for it.

    Here is my Email: Frithiofhellgren@hotmail.com

  4. Are those all done by the same artist
    damn their awesome

  5. Can u make one of octavia AND vinyl PLZ?