Jan 11, 2012

A whole bunch of nothing

So, here's some random stuff I found while failing to find anything interesting to post.  Also, read closely cause I'm not gonna say this ever again, but congratulations to Equestria Daily and their 100,000,000 page views.

I've crunched the numbers.  Obsession Is Magic averages 500 page views a day, that's 182,500 a year, so that means it'll take us 548 years to reach 100,000,000.  Now we have been quickly gaining in numbers every month, so I'm aiming to reach that goal by at most 400 years.  Okay, how about let's set our sights a bit lower, 100,000, we're half way there, so come on guys, we can do it!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some serious wallowing in self pity to do.

After the masterpiece of film I posted Monday, here's another look at what a Hobbit movie could look like.  I now some people don't like Peter Jackson for some reason, but after watching these, is he really that bad?

If you've ever watched one of those pawn shop/ I want to buy/sell old stuff shows, then I think you'll enjoy this iteration.  If the History channel has any sense, they'll pick this up.  The only thing they're missing is Chumlee, there is no show without Chumlee, he's the real star.

An average day in the life of Eternocte.  There is a severed penis at one point, so this is NSFW.

And have some cute baby sloths for no real reason.

And some horrible news for the sugar loving masses.  Hostess has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy... again.  So there is the very real possibilty of no more Twinkies, Ho-Ho's, and Ding Dongs ever gracing our lips in the future.  I would, however, not worry too much.  I'm sure they'll figure something out, seeing as how this isn't the first time they've done this.  Go here if you have a burning desire for more on this story.


  1. What's OIM gonna do today, Dusty?
    Same thing we do every day: Try to take over the internet!
    (Sorry, I had to. I don't know why, but I had to.)

    I don't dislike Peter Jackson. Sure, he has a habit of making things unnecessarily long and drawn-out. But seriously, read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, then tell me that the books don't feel a bit long-winded too. Also... that Sweded Hobbit trailer made me LOL.

    You never need a reason to post cute baby sloths.

    I can't imagine a world without Hostess...

  2. You understand me perfectly. I've always had a "I will rule the earth!" complex, so starting a pony blog was the only logical conclusion.

    I personally have no gripe with Jackson, but I know some people hate his guts.

    Sloths: the most underrated animal.

  3. ...And that's just what I do on Tuesdays.