Jan 14, 2012

War Horse Review

War Horse.  A Steven Spielberg movie about a horse.  Seeing as how I've become so enamrored with equenies of late, it only made sense to give this one shot.

The story starts off with the brith of Joey (the horse).  A poor farmer buys the horse and his son falls in love with the equine.  They bond and what not, do some riding, plow some fills, horse stuff.  Well World War 1 and rent come.  To pay the rent, they have to sell Joey.  The boy does the whole "I'll find you!" thing as he watches the army take his horse away.  From this point on, the horse changes owners several times throughout the movie, from the English to the Germans to the French then back to the Germans, I think the martians get him at one point, and on and on.  The boy ends up joining the army and going to the front lines, all the while hoping to find his horse.  While this movie does pluck at your heartstrings several times, but ===Start Spoiler=== it never does anything like, the horse dies in his arms, which was a very real possibility with this kind of movie. I didn't cry at any point, so it never got super sad, although I did get misty eyed.  ===End Spoiler===

While this movie does have action, it isn't an action oriented movie.  It was an hour into the movie before the war actually started, and still a while more before they eventually get to the front lines.  While it isn't the forefront of the story, the action that does happen it is very well executed and enjoyable, especially the scenes set in No Mans Land between the two armies.

Now, while I was watching this I translated everything over to Pony and that made it all the more enjoyable.  Imagine the boy is a Brony and this is the story of what a man would do for the love of his pony.  The English army is composed of Bronies, while the German soldiers are haters.  Instead of it being the World War 1, the haters have finally decied to wipe out the Brony menace.  Wherever Joey goes, he changes the lifes of the people he meets,(sometimes by ending it) just like MLP.  Trust me, watching soldiers running through dark, muddy, barbedwired covered No Mans Land, artillery shells exploding all around them, is even more satisfying if you're imagining they're fight for the Pony cause.

Some people have been saying that this film is just oscar bait, and I can't really argue against that.  Yes, it'll most likely be considered when the time comes, but is that really a bad thing?  It's still a good movie.

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie.  It was very cinematic, had good action scenes, and was about horses.  Although, if I wasn't so obsessed with MLP, I probably wouldn't have like it quite as much.  I would give this movie a solid 8.  If you're into war movies, horses, or simple love stories between a boy and his (insert object of affection here), then I suggest you give this one a shot.


  1. I would have cried too, but I was busy focusing on not going to the bathroom. I agree with Dust, this is a great movie to see.

  2. War Horse is an exceptional film. But I do believe that this ToI review has been more generous to it that many Western critics. Although not commercially unsuccessful, this film is clearly not oriented towards non-artistic film goers. But even from an artistic point of view, the war-theme depicted has nothing to offer that other classics like Saving Private Ryan or No Man's Land haven't already done. The only refreshingly new scene in the movie was the (fictional) banter between a German and an English soldier engaged in freeing Joey, when he's stuck in the cross-fire. Fictional or not, Spielberg did manage to bring forth the (animal loving) human being behind the rifle triggers and bayonets, and for that he deserves credit. I loved the movie and so high rate it high. But no harm in expecting greater things from the greatest.