Jan 18, 2012

To Kinect or not to Kinect

(Warning, video game related rant inbound!)  I'm looking forward to Mass Effect 3.  Like, I'm really, really looking forward to it.  But this video was completely and utterly stupid.  I don't have a Kinect, I don't want a Kinect.  So having to play your game by yelling "shotgun", "interact", "frag grenade" is so much more enjoyable than just hitting a button to do the exact same thing.  Give me a good old fashioned controller any day.  Also, forget playing this is you live with other people.  I'm sure my family will appreciate hearing me say "interact" 100+ times every time I sit down to play.  If you think Kinect is awesome, then fine, you go ahead and do that.  I personally want nothing to do with this madness.

"Black Sunrise is the story of two different people attempting to survive in a world embroiled in tyranny, war, and environmental degradation."
I swear.  It's getting to the point where every other trailer on the internet is just a confusing mess.  What the heck was going on in that trailer?  I have no earthly idea.

That Expendables sequel, turns out Chuck Norris wants to dumb it down a notch.  Norris wants the movie to be rated PG-13 instead of R.  Yeah, that's exactly what you need for a movie that is supposed to be about being as testosterone filled as you can be.

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  1. LOLKINECT. Ugh, I remember seeing gameplay of Kinect voice commands for Halo Anniversary. Not only was it annoying to hear the commands repeatedly, there was a delay between the command and the execution that could easily get you killed on harder difficulties.

    That trailer is pretty trippy, but the animation looks a bit silly. I don't know what to think, haha.