Jan 17, 2012

That's not my baby!

Poll time!
Did you go to BroNYCon?
Yes, and loved it
1 (3%)
Yes, but it could have been better
0 (0%)
No, but I wanted to
26 (92%)
No, and I never will!
1 (3%)

Turns out I wasn't the only one who didn't go to BroNYCon.  Although it makes me sad knowing there were a ton of Bronies there... and only one of them follows us.  

Are you satisfied with the pony reproduction cycle?  Ie. 1 earth + 1 earth = 1 unicorn and 1 pegasus.
-In a land of magic, anything is possible.
-No, babies shouldn't work like that.
-If they had puppies I wouldn't care, no pony sex for me!

If you watched our review, then you'll know I had a problem with little Pumpkin and Pound Cake.

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