Jan 10, 2012

Steam Group

Hi faithful blog readers, just thought you should know I am still alive! Yes, I am still working on that post I promised... wow, 5 days ago. Okay, that's it.

Well, not really. Let's talk about me for awhile. Dust is becoming a bad influence A long time ago, in a galaxy I used to be addicted to Runescape. I one day got fed up with the game (no idea why) and stopped playing it altogether. I realized afterwards how much time I had spent playing the game, and decided I would start limiting how much time I spend playing. I told this to my friend the other day, and since he's the best friend a guy could have, you know what he did? He gifted me Counterstrike, GMod, and Terraria on Steam. Thanks a lot.

The reason for saying this? Well, after playing Terraria 4 hours straight, I had the bright idea to make a Steam group for OIM! So, if any of you out there like this blog and also happen to have a Steam account, join on in here! Also, if you want to find me on Steam, my username is PhatDragon5. And I'm always always always up for a round of TF2.

Also, I am addicted to striking text


  1. Yes, very proactive Chameleon, good work. I'll add it to the links section as well.

    Sadly, it's another thing I'll have to add to my "Things to do when I finally get a job and get internet" list.

  2. Joined!

    Also, I used to be addicted to Runescape as well. I'm surprised that game hasn't been classified as a drug.

  3. That sounds awesome, not that I have as much free time as I'd like lately. I actually just got Terraria and haven't had a chance to play it yet.

    On another note... Do any of you play on Xbox Live?

    1. Eeyup, my gamertag is XDarkOsiris. Dumb name, I know.

    2. Cool, I'll be sure to friend you next time I have the opportunity to get on Live. And no, you're gamertag isn't all that bad. Look at my username, just a nerdy way to say "raptor" (BTW, my gamertag is just a shortened version, Dromeosaur).

  4. @Dromaeosaur25
    Nope, although I have an Xbox360. Back to the "I'm in a connectionless wasteland" problem. Galvin doesn't have Live either. That's why I post as little as I do, I only have certain windows of opportunity to do stuff.

  5. Sorry Dromaeosaur, I use PSN, though with the recent attacks on Sony, I'm starting to regret picking PS3 over Xbox.